Social Media and Your Career

When asked how we could utilise social media to display our works, majority of us said that we would present our work and promote ourselves, and also use it for a way of obtaining constructive criticism and feedback. We can also use social media as a business objective to update the community on news and things such as promoting events, to hire people, to network with others in your niche and more. Different social media outlets include, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn and more, its just about finding the correct outlet for your specific desire. Social media isn’t only for ourselves, we can also create exposure by sharing other professionals work, which will ultimately lead viewers to click onto our page. The lecture also talks about being professional online and creating our brand voice. Ultimately we shouldn’t put anything in writing that we wouldn’t want someone specific to see. i.e. future employers. It is important to have a friend Facebook and a work Facebook. It is vital or our future that we keep work and play separate, that way we know when to be professionals and when to let loose a little bit.

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American History X has influenced me as a filmmaker, as the first time I watched it, I remember falling more in love with film. I loved what the film was about and every bit of the subtext. I loved the way the film was shot and the cinematography. I especially loved the use of black and white and the lighting of the film, to display the film was about racism. A. Coconi (2012) states that American History X is no doubt the most successful attempt in cinema to counter racism condemn neo-Nazism and bring forward themes of equality and justice. However, while offering this valuable American History lesson on screen, a number of racist crimes are committed, a series of racist remarks are made and plenty of disturbing narrow-mindedness becomes evident. In other words, it takes a highly racist film to make a point against racism. American History X has influenced my drive as a filmmaker as I strive to make films like this in my future career. I strive to make films that have an immense deeper meaning. I don’t want to make a film that you don’t have to think about. I want my films to touch people and resonate with them in a way where they are thinking and telling people about it. Story elements are so important within film as they help to fully complete the story. JL. Godard (n.d) said, “A story should have a beginning, a middle and an end… but not necessarily in that order.” Story elements draw the audiences in and make them feel like they are actually there with the characters. When I include story elements into my films I want to make them realistic and close to home with certain audiences in order to make the film resonate on a deep level with them. I want my future films to mean something and convey a deeper message than what is on the outside.


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Secret Interview Techniques

This week’s lecture speaks about secret interview techniques, what we’ve already been through with interviews, what we will go through when applying for our future careers and how to tackle the interview itself. The lecture content tells us that we wont always find jobs in the most conventional ways and to apply and take risks with applying wherever we can. When we apply for a job, we are always waiting for that phone call back to tell us to come in for an interview. That’s the daunting part. Companies conduct interviews and ask us to come in so they can begin to get to know us and have a better understanding of who we are as workers/employees and people. Basic Interview questions will range from questions about that specific company, past experiences work related or not, and personal questions in order for them to get to know your personality better. During the interview process and after you present your portfolio they will basically interrogate you to see if you will work well and are suited to their company. After the interview process, we all play the waiting the game in hope to obtain a call back saying that we have been a successful candidate.

When thinking about my brainstorming process, I can honestly say its not good, I normally obtain ideas from other films, pictures I like, real life events and to be honest, anything really. Unfortunately when I do think of something I don’t tend to write them down and I now know that I probably should be, as I am studying a film course. When thinking about how I could expand on my ideas, I love talking to family and friends about my ideas and collaborating with them to help me find and create a story that I enjoy enough to start possibly writing. I would also like to start reading more as I have never been a reader, I have always watched films and I feel that reading could really help to expand my mind and imagination to different ideas and concepts. However usually when I do start to brainstorm I usually consult my best friend who is also studying film and I love collaborating and brainstorming with him about film ideas. We make each other so excited about film and writing and it really helps me.

Your Income & Your Art

When looking at the lecture material we were asked who is going to give us money to make creative projects and how are we going to make a living while making these creative projects. Most of us responded with out income coming rom various different sources. It is important to know that when being in the creative industry work wont always be constant and reliable. So it is important that when we create something we know various avenues to use which will allow us to make as much profit as we can. The lecture notes talk about what is it to be an employee and that when we are an employee the creative input is limited. We can’t be free to express ourselves fully as there are guideline and a task at hand to achieve rather than being able to free express ourselves within our work. Will we work locally, interstate or internationally? Will we choose to be an independent creative? Run our own studio? Or even work in sponsorship or advertising? When looking at our future careers it is vital to know how to obtain income and fund our art. As we work in a competitive industry where we all want exposure and a reliable income.

When looking at a collaboration between two filmmakers from different disciplines Director Tim Burton and actor Johnny Depp have been working together since I can remember, and even before me. Most films Tim Burton Directs Johnny Depp is the lead actor. With films like Edward scissor hands, Dark shadows, Alice in Wonderland, Sweeny Todd, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and even such animations like Corpse Bride. These films stand the test of time and were extremely successful when made and even still today. Tim Burton has a very unique but recognisable style throughout all his films and this just collaborates with Depp perfectly. I strive to duplicate this in my future career as I would love to have a recognisable style of filming with such a huge actor or actress on board to make them even more recognisable. I would love to have a close relationship and friendship with a great actor to the point where they would always been involved in my films. Audiences know Tim Burton and they know majority of his films involve Johnny Depp, which in a way makes them an advocate for each other for exposure and I would love to have a partner like that in my career for the future.


When looking at the lecture content, it talks about who we are today and our professional identities. Throughout this trimester we will be developing our identities as filmmakers, and what goes in to being a professional filmmaker. Its not just about making films, its so much more than that. We need to consider aspects such as crew, cross collaboration, distribution and most importantly our portfolios, which enables us to obtain a job in the industry. Each week we are to write a blog on specific topics given to us by our lectures, which will broaden our knowledge in the film world. Whether we are in graphics, animation, sound, web design and more we are all collaborated in the ‘creative arts’ family.  We looked at how we are all the same in terms of different traits we need to succeed in the industry, such as being an entrepreneur, where we are always looking for new and innovative ways to succeed. We also understand that being involved in creative arts means long hours, low pay, short-term work and DIY learning. Reading that would shatter some ones dreams, but being in the creative filed allows us to be imaginative with our aspirations and no matter what, still in some way achieve them.

This week we were asked to choose a director and speak about the diversity and uniqueness of 3 of their films. I have chosen Martin Scorsese.

Shutter Island

Shutter Island is such a unique film and narrative. It is a psychological thriller that draws you in immediately with suspense and keeps you wanting more. The constant thrill of not knowing the truth about the story at hand keeps people guessing and finding resolutions.  We see a binding thread throughout the film as we see Leonardo Di Caprio constantly lose himself more as the film continues. At the start of the film he is a confident person whereas at the end of the film he is broken and weak.  Scorsese directs this film in a way which keeps you on the edge of your seat. The constant desire of wanting to know more and trying to figure out what is going on keeps audiences thinking and puzzled.  The central question that Shutter Island poses is who is the sane and insane? Shutter Island resonated with me as Scorsese is a massive director and I hope to one day be as amazing as he is.


Goodfellas is one of my favourite films. It is so unique and different as it shows the glamorous and shameful side of the Italian Mob. It’s kind of humorous in its own ways and efficiently captures what mob life is all about, money, women, drugs and killing. The binding thread throughout the whole film, is who is at the top. We constantly see a hierarchy throughout the film which is quickly broken down by betrayal, secrets and lies. We see Scorsese constantly return to main characters throughout the film that are the Goodfellas, however we slowly see these Goodfellas tear each other down. The central question that this film poses is ‘Is it worth it?’  In the film we see men with their beautiful families, homes and luxury items however they keep returning to their mob lives and putting their loved ones in danger.  Goodfellas resonated with me as being Italian I have grown up watching mob and gangster movies. I love the whole idea as a film and I would love to one day create as film as great as goodfellas. It was one of the first films where I thought to myself. I love film and this is what I want to do with my life.

Wolf of Wall Street

Wolf of Wall Street is one of Scorsese’s latest films only coming out last year. I loved the cinematography of this film, down to every shot, colour palates, and space. The binding thread throughout this film is the constant race in the corporate world to get to the top, and the illegal activity done in secrecy to get there. The film focuses on the shameful life of Jordan Belfort and what he did to get to the top of the stock market world.  We see Scorsese keep retuning to the libidinous and drug filled life of Belfort and his living conditions. He glamourises money, sex, drugs and illegalities throughout the film, which would resonate with all audience as it simply just looks like a lot of fun.  Wolf of Wall Street resonated with me as I feel it’s filmed beautifully, and the cinematography is outstanding. Wanting to be a cinematographer this films broadens my knowledge into what I want my future films to one-day look like.


Cross Collaboration

Cross Collaboration is the coming together of professionals from different parts of the industry to assist and cross collaborate on an idea. Living our daily lives we make acquaintances and come into contact with so many different people, little do we know that their skills could one day give us that break we’ve been looking for. When looking at people in my world who I could potentially cross collaborate with, I immediately think of my dad. My dad has been playing guitar for almost 40 years. If I needed a score created for one of my films, I could potentially ask him to create one for me. My brother has also been playing drums for 20 years, which could serve as a very unique score in a certain type of film. My sister has been a hairdresser and makeup artist for 10 years. If I needed onsite hair and makeup for characters in my film, I could potentially ask her for her expertise. Even when thinking about catering for the crew, I know my parents used to own a restaurant in Lygon street, where my mum was in fact the chef. She could also potentially cater for everyone onsite. When thinking about set design my boyfriend is a carpenter. Possibly in the future, on a certain film if needed, he could build the specific set I would need. Looking at the people around me, just in my family, I already have a lot of people that I could potentially cross collaborate with. However I know that when I start networking more I’m only going to meet more new and interesting people that have different and unique expertise I could utilise.