When looking at the lecture content, it talks about who we are today and our professional identities. Throughout this trimester we will be developing our identities as filmmakers, and what goes in to being a professional filmmaker. Its not just about making films, its so much more than that. We need to consider aspects such as crew, cross collaboration, distribution and most importantly our portfolios, which enables us to obtain a job in the industry. Each week we are to write a blog on specific topics given to us by our lectures, which will broaden our knowledge in the film world. Whether we are in graphics, animation, sound, web design and more we are all collaborated in the ‘creative arts’ family.  We looked at how we are all the same in terms of different traits we need to succeed in the industry, such as being an entrepreneur, where we are always looking for new and innovative ways to succeed. We also understand that being involved in creative arts means long hours, low pay, short-term work and DIY learning. Reading that would shatter some ones dreams, but being in the creative filed allows us to be imaginative with our aspirations and no matter what, still in some way achieve them.

This week we were asked to choose a director and speak about the diversity and uniqueness of 3 of their films. I have chosen Martin Scorsese.

Shutter Island

Shutter Island is such a unique film and narrative. It is a psychological thriller that draws you in immediately with suspense and keeps you wanting more. The constant thrill of not knowing the truth about the story at hand keeps people guessing and finding resolutions.  We see a binding thread throughout the film as we see Leonardo Di Caprio constantly lose himself more as the film continues. At the start of the film he is a confident person whereas at the end of the film he is broken and weak.  Scorsese directs this film in a way which keeps you on the edge of your seat. The constant desire of wanting to know more and trying to figure out what is going on keeps audiences thinking and puzzled.  The central question that Shutter Island poses is who is the sane and insane? Shutter Island resonated with me as Scorsese is a massive director and I hope to one day be as amazing as he is.


Goodfellas is one of my favourite films. It is so unique and different as it shows the glamorous and shameful side of the Italian Mob. It’s kind of humorous in its own ways and efficiently captures what mob life is all about, money, women, drugs and killing. The binding thread throughout the whole film, is who is at the top. We constantly see a hierarchy throughout the film which is quickly broken down by betrayal, secrets and lies. We see Scorsese constantly return to main characters throughout the film that are the Goodfellas, however we slowly see these Goodfellas tear each other down. The central question that this film poses is ‘Is it worth it?’  In the film we see men with their beautiful families, homes and luxury items however they keep returning to their mob lives and putting their loved ones in danger.  Goodfellas resonated with me as being Italian I have grown up watching mob and gangster movies. I love the whole idea as a film and I would love to one day create as film as great as goodfellas. It was one of the first films where I thought to myself. I love film and this is what I want to do with my life.

Wolf of Wall Street

Wolf of Wall Street is one of Scorsese’s latest films only coming out last year. I loved the cinematography of this film, down to every shot, colour palates, and space. The binding thread throughout this film is the constant race in the corporate world to get to the top, and the illegal activity done in secrecy to get there. The film focuses on the shameful life of Jordan Belfort and what he did to get to the top of the stock market world.  We see Scorsese keep retuning to the libidinous and drug filled life of Belfort and his living conditions. He glamourises money, sex, drugs and illegalities throughout the film, which would resonate with all audience as it simply just looks like a lot of fun.  Wolf of Wall Street resonated with me as I feel it’s filmed beautifully, and the cinematography is outstanding. Wanting to be a cinematographer this films broadens my knowledge into what I want my future films to one-day look like.



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