Secret Interview Techniques

This week’s lecture speaks about secret interview techniques, what we’ve already been through with interviews, what we will go through when applying for our future careers and how to tackle the interview itself. The lecture content tells us that we wont always find jobs in the most conventional ways and to apply and take risks with applying wherever we can. When we apply for a job, we are always waiting for that phone call back to tell us to come in for an interview. That’s the daunting part. Companies conduct interviews and ask us to come in so they can begin to get to know us and have a better understanding of who we are as workers/employees and people. Basic Interview questions will range from questions about that specific company, past experiences work related or not, and personal questions in order for them to get to know your personality better. During the interview process and after you present your portfolio they will basically interrogate you to see if you will work well and are suited to their company. After the interview process, we all play the waiting the game in hope to obtain a call back saying that we have been a successful candidate.

When thinking about my brainstorming process, I can honestly say its not good, I normally obtain ideas from other films, pictures I like, real life events and to be honest, anything really. Unfortunately when I do think of something I don’t tend to write them down and I now know that I probably should be, as I am studying a film course. When thinking about how I could expand on my ideas, I love talking to family and friends about my ideas and collaborating with them to help me find and create a story that I enjoy enough to start possibly writing. I would also like to start reading more as I have never been a reader, I have always watched films and I feel that reading could really help to expand my mind and imagination to different ideas and concepts. However usually when I do start to brainstorm I usually consult my best friend who is also studying film and I love collaborating and brainstorming with him about film ideas. We make each other so excited about film and writing and it really helps me.


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