Your Income & Your Art

When looking at the lecture material we were asked who is going to give us money to make creative projects and how are we going to make a living while making these creative projects. Most of us responded with out income coming rom various different sources. It is important to know that when being in the creative industry work wont always be constant and reliable. So it is important that when we create something we know various avenues to use which will allow us to make as much profit as we can. The lecture notes talk about what is it to be an employee and that when we are an employee the creative input is limited. We can’t be free to express ourselves fully as there are guideline and a task at hand to achieve rather than being able to free express ourselves within our work. Will we work locally, interstate or internationally? Will we choose to be an independent creative? Run our own studio? Or even work in sponsorship or advertising? When looking at our future careers it is vital to know how to obtain income and fund our art. As we work in a competitive industry where we all want exposure and a reliable income.

When looking at a collaboration between two filmmakers from different disciplines Director Tim Burton and actor Johnny Depp have been working together since I can remember, and even before me. Most films Tim Burton Directs Johnny Depp is the lead actor. With films like Edward scissor hands, Dark shadows, Alice in Wonderland, Sweeny Todd, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and even such animations like Corpse Bride. These films stand the test of time and were extremely successful when made and even still today. Tim Burton has a very unique but recognisable style throughout all his films and this just collaborates with Depp perfectly. I strive to duplicate this in my future career as I would love to have a recognisable style of filming with such a huge actor or actress on board to make them even more recognisable. I would love to have a close relationship and friendship with a great actor to the point where they would always been involved in my films. Audiences know Tim Burton and they know majority of his films involve Johnny Depp, which in a way makes them an advocate for each other for exposure and I would love to have a partner like that in my career for the future.


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