Cross Collaboration

Cross Collaboration is the coming together of professionals from different parts of the industry to assist and cross collaborate on an idea. Living our daily lives we make acquaintances and come into contact with so many different people, little do we know that their skills could one day give us that break we’ve been looking for. When looking at people in my world who I could potentially cross collaborate with, I immediately think of my dad. My dad has been playing guitar for almost 40 years. If I needed a score created for one of my films, I could potentially ask him to create one for me. My brother has also been playing drums for 20 years, which could serve as a very unique score in a certain type of film. My sister has been a hairdresser and makeup artist for 10 years. If I needed onsite hair and makeup for characters in my film, I could potentially ask her for her expertise. Even when thinking about catering for the crew, I know my parents used to own a restaurant in Lygon street, where my mum was in fact the chef. She could also potentially cater for everyone onsite. When thinking about set design my boyfriend is a carpenter. Possibly in the future, on a certain film if needed, he could build the specific set I would need. Looking at the people around me, just in my family, I already have a lot of people that I could potentially cross collaborate with. However I know that when I start networking more I’m only going to meet more new and interesting people that have different and unique expertise I could utilise.


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